After the other day’s sad window photo, I thought I would post another one.

room with a view

We moved into our apartment yesterday and we couldn’t be more thrilled with it.  We have space, private restrooms (we didn’t exactly have that in the Dungeon), hundred year old floor tile work, light, and almost every window has a view of our lovely neighborhood.  Its quiet by Roman standards, with charming buildings dotted with flower covered balconies and ivy archways.  Plus, it’s convenient, we can walk and/or take the bus to just about everything.

Roof Laundry

Roof laundry drying in the breeze – bonus!

But one of the things that we love best about this place, that we haven’t had in YEARS, is a view of . . . . .


the sunset.  Even with rooftops and antennas in the way, it’s still more than we hoped for.  Now if we only had our furniture…

Next post will be about some of the touristy things we’ve in up to, promise!