Three weeks since I’ve updated, I know, bad blogger.  But in the past three weeks we’ve been out of town, we FINALLY got our furniture delivered (praise Jesus), and my job has been more active than usual.  Not sure if I’ve mentioned that before, but I was lucky enough to keep my job despite our move and work from home on an hourly basis.  The time difference and varying schedule has been a challenge, but I think I’ve finally found a new rhythm that works with my multiple past times of designer-housewife-blogger-cook-student.

And I’m fairly certain I owe the majority of my new peace of mind to the arrival of our furniture, only six weeks late.  I’m not claiming to be un-materialistic, but I do have a less is more philosophy about most things.  However, I know the truth now; things can bring you happiness or at least contentment.  I’m not claiming one needs silver platters and crystal finger bowls, but a sofa, a desk to work at instead of a wobbly chair and end table, a bed that actually gives when you lie down <– this is the difference between camping in an empty cold apartment and actually feeling at home.

So I’d like to dedicate my new serenity and the four-five rapid blog posts that are coming your way to a very hard working group of people.  Italian movers.  Some people told us to prepare ourselves, that they take frequent brakes, and to be patient.  Those people probably used a different service, because our movers were super-heroes.  Using our tiny 30”x30” elevator when possible, they walked most of our belongings up a six story winding staircase non-stop for seven hours.  It was impressive; I don’t like walking myself up those stairs, let alone cargo.  (The picture above isn’t our super-movers, but a much smaller delivery that happened a few months ago, the scene was the same.)

More coming soon, ciao ciao!