The Colosseum

Obviously, I can’t have a blog about Rome without showing some pictures of the Colosseum.  This was one of our first trips outside of our neighborhood when we first got here.   We did this on a weekend between errands which at the time were endless, so we limited ourselves to just this one site.

Colosseum Corridor

A few pieces of advice:  When visiting one of the “7 New Wonders of the World”, especially on a weekend, expect crowds and a price tag.  I think we paid about 16 euros a person.  Steep, but to us it’s just one of those things you want to see for yourself.  Also, the weather was forecasted to be sunny and “75 degrees” with a light breeze.  When viewed from an iphone screen, it sounded perfect, almost chilly, so we wore jeans, and I even wore a top with ¾ sleeves.  At this point I had not been fully introduced to the Italian September sun.  IT WAS HOT in the sunshine, and a very refreshing 75 degrees in the shade.  Lesson learned, the Roman sun is intense, always wear sunscreen.

Inside the Colosseum

It’s hard for my inner (outer?) nerd not to get pumped when standing in the same place that ancient Romans used to hold gladiatorial contests and mock naval battles to keep the mob happy.  It can be hard to picture beyond the rubble.  Earthquakes, pillaging, and multiple uses throughout its nearly two thousand year history have wiped out half the walls, the seating, and most notably the stadium floor.  So a bit of imagination is required.

Arches of the Colosseum

But I dare you not to be fascinated by bricks and marble that still show the tool marks from where builders placed them between 60-80 A.D., still standing, basically, where they have for almost two millennia.

Pidgeon in a Column

I snapped this picture of a pigeon on the top of an ancient Corinthian column capital, one of the hundreds just lying around.  If I were a pigeon in Rome, I’d probably hang out here too.